Touched by life

Touched by life

At the beginning of this week I asked, “How will you allow life to touch you this week?”

Here’s some of what came up for me.


On Wednesday morning I arrived to teach my Nia class and the teacher who had kindly agreed to sub for me the following week had got the dates wrong and was all set up and ready to go. What a relief! I had been feeling the edges of a cold coming on and had been taking lots of vitamins and other supplements, knowing that I could teach but that what I really needed and wanted was to take it easy. Very grateful, I went home to rest. And then my co-teacher for the following morning offered to take the class on her own. Thank you both.

I found myself feeling very supported and smiling once again at how much synchronicity I experience in my life. The cancelled appointment that gives me the extra time I need. The person who phones when I am thinking about them. The extra bit of work that allows me to take an extra course or cover some unplanned expenses. The times my progress has been blocked only to find myself moving in a direction that serves me much better.

Then I reflected on those times that I don’t feel in alignment with what is happening. What I resist and struggle against. How I bring about my own suffering. And this quote appeared from Eckhart Tolle, “Suffering is necessary until you realise it is unnecessary.” I am taking this reminder into the week ahead.

Home and friendship

I love to wake with the sunrise and am fortunate to be able to do so most mornings. At the start of each day I lie in bed and watch the changing sky outside my bedroom window, breathing in the morning, feeling warm and blessed, casting my intentions for the day, reflecting and listening to the birdsong. Then, when I am ready, I sit for a few moments and sense the soles of my feet on the floor before I step into the day.

On Thursday, I watched an episode of a series in which one of the characters was making phone call after phone call hoping that one of the friends he reached out to would be free for a visit. I remember doing that a few times in my life and the deep loneliness I experienced in those moments when no one was available, and it dawned on me how long it has been since I last felt that way. One of the biggest contributors is the wonderful partner with whom I share a home and so many special moments.

I have also been touched by the many engagements I have had this week including meeting with a colleague and friend who I have not seen for over 12 years.


Amongst many things that touched me in my work this week, I felt particularly touched by:

  • the compliment I received indirectly and from an unexpected source in a report I read;
  • the interaction I had with a student who reached out to me before her exams;
  • one of the practices I have been working on with a client really landing for her for the first time; and
  • the joy of my Saturday morning Nia class.

There you have it… a few of the ways in which I have been touched by life this week…

What are your thoughts?