The importance of a good night’s sleep

The importance of a good night’s sleep

In my experience one of the most important contributors to my overall wellbeing is having a good night’s sleep.

After a good night’s rest, I feel better physically, I think more clearly, and I am better equipped to deal with whatever comes up. My productivity, creativity and mental clarity all improve when I have slept well.

Showing up well-rested is more important than being well-prepared…

I work a lot with students and I cringe when they tell me that their plan to get more done is to sleep less. And in the work place it’s no different. I don’t believe that consistently long days contribute to overall productivity.

Whether you’re sitting for an exam, entering an important meeting or dealing with more routine actions… a well-rested brain gives you the best chance of success.

I have also noticed that when I am feeling tired, I feel dehydrated, more emotional and I find I experience food cravings that do not arise when I have slept well. When I have slept well, I find it easier to remain present and to respond to whatever arises; I am more creative and experience a higher level of physical well-being.

Getting enough sleep

Yesterday I posted about finding the practice that works for you. I am not dictating how much or when you should sleep… I am however saying get enough for you and start noticing the impact a lack of sleep has on your productivity and your general experience of life.

Don’t believe me about the importance?

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In this post I am speaking about the importance of sleep. I am sure some of you agree but may find that you struggle to sleep for various reasons.

Watch this space… that will be the subject of future posts.

What are your thoughts?