Improve your Attention – Practice these Two Simple Techniques

Improve your Attention – Practice these Two Simple Techniques

If you find you’re easily distracted and this is impacting on getting things done you may need to work on the quality of your attention.

Here are two simple techniques to practice:

Remember your Body – Pause, Breathe and Feel your Feet

At times you may find that you get unconsciously absorbed in our thoughts and disappear into your mind. Bring a better quality of attention to what you are doing by practicing staying in your body.

Pause, take a moment to feel the soles of your feet on the floor and take a few deep breaths… feel the air filling your lungs and the oxygen spreading through your body. You may want to close your eyes for this step.

Then open your eyes and continue with what you were doing. Keep feeling the soles of your feet on the floor and your breath… practice this a few times during the day… practice at your desk or when you’re having a conversation…

Notice what starts to happen… what is the overall quality of your attention like when you start to remember your breath and your feet?

Right the Bottle – Bring your Attention Back

People with good quality attention don’t live without distraction… they just come back to what they’re doing quicker – like a bottle that topples over and is put upright again before the contents spill out.

To practice righting the bottle:

  1. Sit in a quiet place… either close your eyes or light a candle and allow your eyes to rest on the flame. Notice your breath, allow it to deepen, fill your belly and then soften again.
  2.  Keep your attention on your breath.
  3.  If a thought pops into your head or your mind latches on to a sound, acknowledge this silently with a word: “thought” or “sound”. Then let it go and come back to your breath.

The point is not to resist thoughts or sounds but to learn to notice them and then let them go and return your attention to the point of focus – in this case your breath…

You can do this with other activities too… the more you are able to notice when your attention shifts the quicker you will be able to bring it back.

Practice these two simple techniques to deepen your attention by being fully present with what you’re doing and bringing your attention back when you get distracted.

It may also help if you better understand the dynamics of time energy and attention.

What are your thoughts?