Finding the practice that works for you

Finding the practice that works for you

I often get asked for tips, tools and advice.

In my experience there is very rarely a one-size-fits-all approach to anything and as a coach and facilitator I find that a good fit makes all the difference to a successful practice. And sometimes that means exploring until the best method lands.

Time management as an example

As part of my training offering, I address time management, but this is not done in isolation. I do offer some tools and there are also many other ways of working with time management. Different things work for different people. For example, to-do lists make some people feel calmer, while they induce a mild panic in others. The same thing goes for reflection, timetables or scheduling time for tasks as well as the variety of electronic tools available.

I do not advocate using any one method over another.

If you want to start managing your time differently, you need to find the method that works for you. To create a sustainable practice you need to find something that feels simple, with which you can engage. And then start using it and tweak it as you need to. That may also mean that sometimes you will need to throw it out and start with something else.


Whatever you choose, if you are feeling paralysed into inaction or spending more time exploring the tool than using it, it’s probably not the starting point for you. If you’re convinced that the method is a good one, see if making your first step smaller helps you to get started…

This all assumes some practice in self-correcting and self-regulating. If you’re finding it difficult to get started or to find something that works for you, consider sound-boarding with someone, or get some coaching. It may give you a new lens to look through and could be the catalyst you need to get moving.

What are your thoughts?