Be more Effective – Understand the Dynamics of Time, Energy and Attention

Be more Effective – Understand the Dynamics of Time, Energy and Attention

To take any action you use a combination of three key resources – Time, Energy and Attention. You can take more effective action by understanding how these resources work together and your relationship with each one.

The post considers the fundamental dynamics you need to understand to be more effective in any actions you take:

  • Wherever you place your attention, your time and energy follow. Time, energy and attention are connected. Understanding this connection will help you better manage the flow of these resources in any actions you take.
  • Your personal relationship with time, energy and attention. We all work differently with time, energy and attention. Understanding your relationship with each resource will allow you to focus where you need to improve to become more effective.

A Fundamental Rule – Time and Energy follow Attention

Notice that wherever you place your attention your time and energy naturally follow…

This is a rule… there are no exceptions…

People who are very effective are able to apply their attention appropriately and deeply… They are able to focus on what needs to be done and maintain this attention for as long as required… time and energy then naturally flow into the actions they take…

Consider a time you were completely absorbed in a task – “in the zone”. Notice that it started with giving the task your attention. Through that attention your time and energy flowed into the task.

Managing time, energy and attention

We speak a lot about time management. But what about energy management or attention management?

When you feel low on energy it becomes harder to take action… and days that you just can’t focus or you’re feeling really distracted you’re less productive…

We cannot work with only one element – time, energy and attention are all important.

Your relationship with time, energy and attention

Before you can effectively use your time, energy and attention you need to understand your relationship with each element…

Perhaps you already know which relationships are functioning well and which require improvement. If you’re not sure consider observing yourself over the next few days to gain more insight.

Observing your relationship with time, energy and attention

Each day, pause twice during the day – perhaps at midday and in the evening. Reflect on the following:

  • How did your relationship with time feel? When did it feel like it was dragging? When did it fly past? What impacted your experience of time? What did you tell yourself about time?
  • How did your energy levels feel? When they dipped what was happening? How did you replenish? What did you say about your energy?
  • Attention – what went well? When did you feel fully present and focused? What distracted you? What words do you use to describe your attention?

Tip! Noticing is enough

Allow yourself to observe without judging what you see. Write down what you notice…

Congratulations! You have taken the first steps to becoming more effective in your use of time, energy and attention. You now understand how time and energy follow attention and your relationship with each of these resources.

Next step – Be more Productive – Balance your Time, Energy and Attention

What are your thoughts?