A Brief Guide to Living with Purpose

A Brief Guide to Living with Purpose

When we think of living with purpose we tend to associate it with “doing”. We might say for example that someone’s life has purpose with the thought that it’s because of what they do.

I’d like to challenge that… I have found that purpose is not so much about “what” you do but about “how” you do it. Not so much about the action but more about what you bring to the action.

And this applies to ANY action.

So what do you bring to each action to live with purpose?

This answer is both universal and individual… it can be summed up in one word or many…

In one word: Presence… Acting with presence deepens the quality of any action you take.

In many words: this is something you need to discover for yourself… it can be summed up in how you define the success of your actions and in turn how successful you feel in life…

On the surface you may think that “success” is fairly easy to define… but take a moment to really reflect on what success means for you…

Your personal definition of success is a measure of the success of your actions and in turn how successful you feel in life… The more you live into this definition and bring it to each moment the more purpose-filled your life will feel…

To do this requires presence…

Want to read more on living life with purpose?

Consider these wonderful resources:

  • A New Earth: Awakening to your life purpose  – Eckhart Tolle

“Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment. And what is that? There is a sense of quality in what you do, even the most simple action. Quality implies care and attention, which come with awareness. Quality requires your Presence.” From Chapter 9: A dialogue on Inner Purpose.

  • A Path with Heart: A guide through the perils and promises of a spiritual life – Jack Kornfield

“A way of life, a lifelong path of awakening, attention, surrender and commitment…a happiness… not dependent on any of the changing conditions of the world but…out of one’s own difficult and conscious inner transformation…the quality of heart we bring to life is what matters most…” From Part I: A beginning and Did I love well?

  • The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship David Whyte

“Eventually we realise that not knowing what to do is just as real and just as useful as knowing what to do. Not knowing stops us from taking false directions. Not knowing what to do we start to pay real attention. Just as people lost in the wilderness, on a cliff face or in a blizzard pay attention with a kind of acuity that they would not have if they thought they knew where they were. Why? Because for those who are really lost their life depends on paying real attention. If you think you know where you are, you stop looking.” From Chapter 6.

If in looking for Purpose you are searching for Meaning watch this space.