About me

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My name is Tonia Jackson. I work as a facilitator, integral coach, consultant and sometimes artist. This blog is an expression and sharing of my personal experiences, growing perspectives, unfolding purpose and tried and tested practices. The posts draw on my personal experiences and my experience as coach and facilitator.

Searching for purpose and meaning

About 10 years ago I realised that despite changing jobs, moving houses and having all that I desired in my life I was still left with an empty feeling inside – like something important was missing.

I realised I had been searching – delving deeper into religious practice and service, standing up and taking steps to change what I felt wasn’t working.

But nothing I had tried up to that point felt sufficient. I was still left with a dull ache of longing for something more.

Trusting the first step

I remembered my cousin talking a few years earlier about a series of workshops she had attended and I felt drawn to make enquiries.

This was my first noted sense of feeling guided to take a step and trusting that what came up for me at that time was pointing to the next right action.

Opening in awareness, shifting perspectivesaica-tonia looking right

Since then my eyes have continued to open in awareness. I have taken many steps and have kept shifting – some of the the shifts have been surprising and all of them have been awesome.

Most of the shifts have taken time and practice and have required forgiveness, acceptance and cultivating patience, gentleness and compassion for myself and others.

Often it feels like one step forward, two, three or four steps back (sometimes for extended periods of time) and then suddenly I find myself in a new place, a new space with a completely different perspective and sense of self – part of the dance of life…

Many times I have resisted the steps – not liking what I’m being asked to face, not liking what I see in the mirror.

And then there comes a lightening, a letting go, a sense of aliveness and connection – like shaking off an old skin grown too tight and splitting.

An ending, an arrival and a new starting point.

An invitation

saica-tonia looking far left II - goodWhat I’m offering through this blog is to share what I have learned and am learning, the tools and practices that I have tried and continue to pick up along the way, my experiences (up, down, forward, backwards, side to side, inside and out).

This includes what I reach for when I need help – within me and externally – from where I am right now, reflecting back and looking forward through the spiral and lens of time.

I look forward to taking these next steps with you.